Bally Evel Knievel Pinball Machine 1977 (Restored)


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Here is a beautiful example of an Evel Knievel Pinball machine produced by Bally in 1977. This is the solid state version and is highly sought after.

Here at the Land of OZ, we received this machine in pretty poor condition. It has definitely had its play in the arcade world. We did not want to see this beautiful historic machine sit in the current condition (literally in boxes). We decided it was time to restore this classic machine and make it a showpiece for some lucky person’s man cave/ game room. Here are the details of the restoration process.

Please also see the pictures showing the before and after.

Cabinet/ Backbox

  • Entire cabinet was stripped to bare wood
  • Wiring completely removed from the backbox and cabinet
  • Cabinet was then filled and sealed (automotive grade filler)
  • 4 coats of (Auto) primer was applied. Sanded in between each coat of primer applied
  • 3 coats of (white) base coat applied for a very smooth (semi gloss) appearance
  • Graphics were then carefully painted
  • Finally we applied a paint sealer to protect the new Evel paint


  • All screws/ bolts were removed from the playfield and polished to a deep luster
  • Coin door was hand polished for a beautiful shine


  • We completely stripped the playfield.
  • All plastics were cleaned and polished
  • We applied (5) coats of wax on the original playfield to bring out the shine
  • All lamp socket housings were hand cleaned
  • Solenoids replaced as needed
  • Re-built flipper assemblies
  • Wire joints attached to socket housings, solenoids and mechs had solder re-flowed


  • We love the green LED score displays from pinscore and decided this would be a nice touch. It also gets rid of the high voltage issue with the original Bally displays.
  • We originally repaired and rebuilt the MPU, driver and lamp driver circuit boards. But, we felt this was such a nice machine that we installed all brand new Alltek circuit boards. The machine will come with the repaired original circuit boards.
  • Molex connectors from the rectifier/ mpu and driver were all re-pinned to keep steady current flowing.

You will be hard pressed to find a better condition Bally SS Evel Knievel 1977 Pinball Machine anywhere. As you can see this machine has been through an extensive restoration and is absolutely beautiful.

We can crate ship this machine for a very reasonable rate.