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One thing we enjoy doing is lighting cabinets up here at the Oz. The arcades are no exception as you will notice below the button and cabinet lighting we offer. CENTIPEDE will already have the full lighted marquee, however, now you add cabinet and lighted buttons to this limited edition cabinet

TRACKBALL – Currently out of stock

Trackball gives the real feel when playing games such as Centipede and Millipede – The ball is always active and can be used with all games as desired




CENTIPEDE cabinet is built for the retro gaming enthusiast.

The cabinet has been professionally cut on our Land of Oz CNC machine to create the detail needed for this timely classic machine. This “CENTIPEDE” machine has been built and assembled to bring the memories back with full color graphics, very bright backlit marquee. We have installed a brand new LCD monitor, new joysticks and buttons for the classic look and feel.

It gets even better. This machine has a fully functioning coin door. We have customers that love using these machines as “piggy banks” plus dropping quarters into slot gives the feel of 1980’s all over again. The machine can be switched to free play as well within seconds.

JOYSTICKS – We install a (red) cherry short joystick on the 60 game version

We automatically install over 60 games in this highly sought after machine

Every CENTIPEDE full size arcade has 60 classic games built directly into each cabinet. This will be all the old classics such as Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Frogger, Millipede, Centipede, Galaga 3, Donkey Kongs 1-2 & 3, Burger time, Xevious, Super Pac-Man, Jr Pac- Man and many many more! The package also contains the “Fast” versions of games, such as – Pac Man, Galaga, MS.PAC MAN, Jr Pac-Man

A few of the favorite featured upgrades are lighted buttons and rear/ under cabinet LED lighting. This effect adds a whole new dynamic to this already timely classic.



Land Of Oz feels it is very important to have the arcade built exactly as you want. We understand this is a large purchase and want the CENTIPEDE to highlight your game room. We offer everything from lighting/ trackballs/ – Again, our goal is to satisfy your every need. Our games are the highest quality in the USA!




Machine Weight: 240LBS

Shipping Weight: 270lbs

Dimensions: 25″ W x 30″ D x 72″H

Shipping Dimensions: 45W x 48L x 78H




Land Of Oz ships all over the world.  If you live abroad, we will get a very good shipping rate for you.

All CENTIPEDE cabinets will be shipped from Fastenal to Fastenal retail locations. There are close to 5000 retail locations in the USA and generally will have one very close for an easy pick up.

We also have the ability to ship curbside to the home – As you can imagine, shipping to the home is rather expensive, however, we help absorb some of that cost.

Land of Oz will select the best shipping option for your region in the USA

Land Of Oz will carefully wrap and secure the CENTIPEDE cabinet to a pallet for shipping.

If you plan to transport from Fastenal, CENTIPEDE can be placed on it’s back during transportation. Please be safe and use a utility hand cart when transporting in the home.


Additional information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 48 × 78 in