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Haunted House has three playfields (a mini underground playfield, a main playfield, and an upper playfield.),[2] eight flippers, at unique angles, four pop bumpers, two kick-out holes, a secret passage (a false target that drops down after impact to allow entrance to cellar.), a trap door that opens for ball, a lightning animation in the back glass and kicking bat targets.[1] The lower playfield of Haunted House is accessible any time during the game, and the one ball travels between all three playfields. Each playfield is themed to be a part of a haunted house, the main level being the main floor, the lower level being the cellar, and the upper level being the attic.[2][1]

The ball can only be lost from the main playfield, as the ball draining on the attic or cellar playfields will always be returned to another playfield for play to continue.


Haunted House employed segments the Bach organ piece, Toccata and Fugue in D minor:[3] during the game’s start (the pronounced opening of the Toccata); during the game itself (a repeated playback of part of the Toccata where the tune alternates quickly between one fixed note and others within the D Minor key); and when the game ends (the famous ending of the Fugue)




  • The game uses 4 fat, kicking targets–it kicks the ball away when it hits the target. Gottlieb is the only manufacturer of this unique feature.
  • The game uses 2 vertical up-kickers (VUK), one to kick up the ball from the main playfield to the upper level and one in the basement to kick up to the main floor.
  • On the main level features a mechanical trap door the game controls, under the ramp. When the light is lit or the ball passes through the lane on the left side of the lower bumper, the trap door opens and remains open until the computer senses the ball dropping through the floor. It is reset at the end of ball.
  • Game uses 5th scoring display as a bonus counter. It can be multiplied by the bonus multiplier. Bonus points can be doubled when the player activates any floor’s double-bonus feature.
  • “Swallowing” stand-up center target — when hit, ball gets swallowed and enters the basement
  • Has double-scoring feature for each of the playfields
  • uses fluorescent displays with smaller status display

Pinball Condition

Cabinet – Overall condition is very nice. Very little wear on the overall cabinet. Still very nice coloring and original paint. The comet theme is very attractive with bright coloring.

Back Glass- The overall back glass is in near mint condition. Extremely colorful and bright when the machine is playing or sitting in attract mode. There is absolutely no planking or cracking on this original back glass.

Playfield- Playfield is in very very good condition. There is one very small wear spot. It’s extremely hard to notice, however, we like to point out.

LED’S- We have strategically placed LEDs throughout the back glass and playfield. LEDs run much cooler and much easier on the power board. We only use “COMET” LEDs as we feel they are very bright and adds the dynamic to the older Williams machines.

Instruction Manual/ Schematics–  We will do our best to supply all manuals for each pinball machine, however, some manuals are harder to find. All manuals can also be printed on the website.

Pictures- If you would like to obtain additional pictures, please e-mail our support team at the following e-mail address. They will be happy to assist:

Land Of Oz Guarantee 

Every machine that leaves Land Of Oz has been fully tested to ensure it operates properly. All Pinball Machines will have a video sent to the customer after purchase. The video will show the overall condition, machine operating and any other features that may need further explanation.

Land Of Oz technicians are highly skilled with servicing and maintaining these classic machines. Tech support over the phone is a free service. Keep in mind we are shipping the machine in many cases, long distances across the USA. We highly suggest having a local pinball company assist if this is your first pinball purchase.

If Land Of Oz techs need to unhook any connectors from the machine, the connectors will be labeled properly for very easy plug n play installation. Our goal is to ship the machine and have you up and playing within minutes after installation.


Restoration Services 

Land Of Oz specializes in partial or full restorations of all solid state pinball machines. Some of the services are listed below- If specific services are required, please e-mail our support team for full pricing –

Land Of Oz will make this process for easy. You can ship us the machine that needs restoration and or bring into our facility. Once completed, the machine will be shipped back.

  • Full playfield swap – Includes removing all components from the old PF and placing onto a new PF
  • Painting – We have a full paint booth which allows Land Of Oz to sand the cabinet to bare wood and fill all defects/ re-paint the original graphics
  • Polishing – Land Of Oz will polish all metal components to a brilliant shine to restore the machine/ most cases better than new condition
  • Lighting- In some cases, the light sockets need replaced as some are pushing over 40yrs old. This prevents lights from blinking or going in and out
  • Powder Coating – In most cases the legs need to be baked and powder coated, which also includes added new levelers to give the final touch in the appearance
  • Circuit Boards – It’s critical with machines pushing 30+ yrs old to re-build (bullet proof) the circuit boards. This will ensure the pinball machine will play for many years without any interruption. All circuit boards will be diagnosed and determined if re-build or in some cases new boards will be placed in the machine.


We offer the following shipping services for the Pinball Machine 

Blue Lane Freight – If selecting this service. The pinball machine will be fully wrapped and strapped vertically with support beams for a safe arrival. The machine will be shipped to the nearest Fastenal Retail Store location “nearest” your home. Please be advised that the machine must be picked up by “you” at the Fastenal Retail Store. Blue Lane Freight is offered in the following States and subject to change daily: IA, IL, MO, WI, NE, SD, ND, MN, MI, KS, OK, AK, LA, MS, AL, GA, TN, KY, IN, OH, SC, NC, VA, PA, NY (including) all upper East States.

Speedee Delivery Service – Speedee is a Midwest Company that offers freight service to the home. Speedee is only available in the following states: IA, NE, SD, ND, IL, WI, MN – Please only select this shipping service if you are located in one of the states listed. Speedee Delivery will bring the machine direct to the home with a lift gate to bring the pinball down to the cement. It’s the homeowner responsibility to take the pinball from the curb into the home.

Home Freight Service – Due to Covid 19 restrictions. Some Southern and ALL Western States must select this service. Please see the list of States that must select this service:




Unless expressed in the listing. All Pinball Machines will be sold “AS IS” condition. As stated, land of oz will send a video of the machine fully working as described before being packaged for shipment. We take the up most care in handling and packaging the machine.

We suggest after the receipt of the machine to inspect and make very minor switch adjustments (if needed). The machines if travelling a long distance take a lot of bouncing etc. while on the road.


Please ask any and all questions during your purchase. Our techs are very responsive and will help you along the journey of owning a new pinball machine. Pinballs are very addictive and expect you will come back for more in the future!