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T-Molding Color Option (Included in purchase price)

Please choose from the color options below – Pics of different color options are available upon request – Send an e-mail to

Cabinet External LED lighting

Another very popular feature is our cabinet lighting. The lighting is added to the front edge and rear vertical members of the cabinet.


This is the most popular feature in any arcade – We install a very nice 2.225″ trackball for games such as Centipede and Millipede. But it gets even better, this trackball is live on all games!

LED lighted buttons

Lighted buttons adds more dynamic features to the esthetics of the overall arcade cabinet – It has become very popular with our customers


 Pac Man Original

One of our absolute favorites here at the Land Of Oz. This cabinet is built for the retro gaming enthusiast.

 Pac Man has been cut on our Land of Oz CNC machines to create the detail needed for this timely classic machine. The Ms Pac Man machine has been assembled to bring the memories back with full color graphics, very bright backlit marquee. We have installed an LCD monitor, new joysticks and buttons for the classic look and feel.

A few other features only on a Land Of Oz arcade – Includes a volume control (potentiometer) and marquee light switch, both located in a very easy location to adjust the volume and if you or a guest is very tall, easily turn the marquee light to off while playing the machine.

Land Of Oz uses the heaviest grade material (3/4″) – This machine is not made from cheap particle board. All of Land Of Oz machines are full size arcades and weigh in well over 240lbs

It gets even better! This machine has a fully functioning coin door. We have customers that love using these machines as “piggy banks” plus dropping quarters into slot gives the feel of 1980’s all over again. The machine can be switched to free play as well within seconds. Ms Pac Man will be set to free play unless you direct us otherwise

Every Pac Man full size arcade has 60 classic games built directly into each cabinet. This will be all the old classics such as  Galaga, Frogger, Millipede, Centipede, Galaga 3, Donkey Kongs 1-2 & 3, Burger time, Xevious, Ms Pac Man, Super Pac-Man, Jr Pac- Man and many many more! Please scroll to bottom of this page for the game listing.

Add on options include – T-Molding color option (vinyl) around the edge of the machine – Trackball for which gives the real feel of Centipede and Millipede, rear and under cabinet lighting which gives the machine a very awesome effect. We also have lighted buttons available for this machine.


Machine Weight: 247lbs

 Dimensions: 25″ W x 33″ D x 68″ H

Shipping Weight 270lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 45″ W x 48″L x 73″ H


Our goal is to ship all arcades within 10 business days from the time of the order being placed. During this unique time in the USA the time frame could change based on availability of freight carriers and machine materials. If there is a deadline to have this machine to a retail store location or your home, please reach out to us as we will prioritize the shipment.


Land Of Oz ships all over the world.  If you live abroad, we will get a very good shipping rate for you.

All Pac Man cabinets will be shipped from Fastenal to Fastenal retail locations (If Available) – There are close to 5000 retail locations in the USA and generally will have one very close for an easy pick up. If we choose this route, the machine will be within 45 minutes of your home for a very easy pick up. This shipping option will be determined based on City and State. (included in listed price)

We also have the ability to ship curbside to the home – If we choose this route to ship, the machine will be scheduled for curbside delivery. The freight service will bring the machine from the truck directly down to the cement via curbside. (included in listed price)

Land Of Oz will choose the best shipping option for your region of the USA

Land Of Oz will carefully wrap and secure the Pac Man cabinet to a pallet for shipping.

If you plan to transport from Fastenal, Pac Man can be placed on it’s back during transportation. Please be safe and use a utility hand cart when transporting in the home.


We offer 18 months interest free financing through Synchrony Financial – Very easy to apply and credit decision in minutes. Apply directly on the home page of our website.

Game List

1. Ms Pacman
2. Donkey Kong
3. Galaxian
4. Mr. Do
5. Galaga3
6. 1942
7. Mappy
8. JR Pacman
9. Time Pilot
10.Space Panic
11. Arkanoid
13.Pinball Action
14.Bomb Jack
16.Dig Dug 2
18.The End
19.Jumping Jack
21.Donkey Kong Junior
22.Dig Dug
23.Space Invaders
28.Super Cobra
29.Super Breakout
31.Mr. Do’s Castle
33.Shao-Lin`s Road
34.Van-Van Car
37.1943 Kai
38.MS. Pacman 2
39.Jr Pacman 2
41.Donkey Kong 3
42.Crush Roller
44.Tank Battalion
45.Burger Time
49.New Rally X
50.Juno Frist
51.Moon Cresta
52.Super Pacman
53.King & Balloon
54.Pacman Plus
57.Congo Bongo
58.Ga Laga
59.Pacman Plus2
60.Pacman 2