Pinball Playfield Custom Shadow Box Framing



Here at the Land Of OZ we are constantly working and striving to create very custom and unique works of art.

After many years of playfield “swaps” and restorations. We thought what better way to keep a pinball machine together when removing the original playfield than creating a custom shadow box frame that looks absolutely beautiful hanging in the home game room or man cave. Once we remove the original playfield, we preserve by polishing and adding automotive clear coat. This brings out the color and integrity in the original design. Just like a classic car, the playfield has in some case 30-40yrs of history and thousands of plays. Keep the memory alive.

So, of course, we had to take the next step and create attractive lighting pattern to highlight the inserts etc on the playfield. The frame is then painted to a high gloss finish and then add the finishing touches with an LED switch to turn on the cabinet. Last but not least, we install plexi glass to protect the playfield, which also helps bring out the luster and shine within the frame.

We will custom build the frame around any pinball playfield. Even if you don’t have the original pinball machine. You tell us what playfield you would like to have installed and we will find it, frame it and light it up.

This is the ultimate finishing touch to your game room artwork. Definitely one of a kind with quality designed in every frame. The wonderful thing about Land Of Oz is we understand that frames need to be affordable.

Each frame will have a power supply installed, lighted LED switch to complement the frame. We also install a heavy duty wire for ease of hanging. We will build any design you can think of. Just send us a message to get started.

The price is for the custom frame only and does not include the playfield, you will need to supply the playfield.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs