Wizard Wall Mount Dart Cabinet- “Legacy Series” Free Shipping! Click on picture to choose add on options


Dart Head

Gran Board 3 (pro) dart head – Best home electronic dart board on the market. Bluetooth technology. LED lighting ring. Very solid design. Play anyone across the globe from the comforts of home.

Gran Board 3 “Limited” white edition. Very classy look and feel.


We offer either our standard “Wizard Darts” marquee which is included in the base price. Or create a custom marquee with your name or slogan in lights. If ordering a custom marquee, just send us a message or e-mail with the “name” we should place on the marquee. Lead time for a custom marquee is 7-14 days.

Front Cabinet Lighting Choice (included in cabinet base price)

We install a “bright white” shining down to illuminate the Gran Board 3. We also install (2) side lights. This is where you choose the lighting for the front of the cabinet. The price is included in the cabinet (base price).

Rear facing cabinet perimeter lighting

Rear lighting is a very nice option as it illuminates around the sides of the Legacy cabinet. We install (2) rear lights in a nice strong channel for a very clean appearance. Check out the pictures to see this gorgeous glow around the perimeter of the cabinet. Choose your “rear” lighting color below.

Lighting mode controller

Land Of Oz started adding this little gem in 2019. Use the remote to change the scenes with the LED lighting. Very nice feature as it runs in 6 different modes, dim the lighting from 100% down to 10%. Watch as your guests see this board running in attract mode. Very appealing.

Simplicity Network

Our newest feature to the Wizard cabinet line. In our opinion the best way to play darts on the Gran Board. The network is built directly into the cabinet by our Land Of OZ techs.
What this means: No mirroring required. Stay connected and trouble free. Simply turn on the monitor and start playing.
If you enjoy playing online, choose the Total Simplicity network which includes a 1080p camera (wired and installed)


We offer a lot of different options for a reasonable price. Number one thing when “mirroring” the monitor is running a compatible device. Since processors in tablets aren’t quite as strong as phones. We have performed hundreds of tests and found the following devices to work excellent and we offer a much lower cost than buying retail.
If using your own device, we will pre-wire for the mirroring option. Please select either iOS or Android. The iOS capability will include a lightning adapter. The monitor will not have the mirroring option if not selected.

Device Holders

Device holders are very nice so the camera (if playing online) stays pointed at either the player or board. No cheating is allowed online, so let your opponent watch you or the dart head. Some excellent options below

Throw lines & mats

We use only the best laser throw lines and Gran LED mats. No more tape on the floors for a shooter mark. They both work excellent and very attractive. The laser is sleek and mounts on the under side of the cabinet. The LED mat plugs directly into the dart head with LED runway lights that correspond with the Gran Board 3 dart head.

Darts & Tips

Land Of OZ is a VIPER darts distributer. We have a very large selection of darts and accessories. Check out under products
We sell the 18g Viper Darts (Neons) 3 darts per set.
Also, tips we recommend are the Cosmo (50) per package and They work perfect on the Gran Board Dart Heads

Blue Tooth 24″ Soundbar

This is our newest feature. Select this 24″ sound bar which fits perfectly under the dart head. Very simple installation. We pre-wire the optical line into the monitor output. Simply install to the wall (under the cabinet) and plug in the optical cable to the speaker and be prepared for some very nice sound while either playing darts or listening to music. Stream you tube videos right onto your dart head monitor and turn up the volume :)


Wizard Dart Board/ GRAN board 3


Wizard Darts Custom Cabinet – Gran Board 3 – Land of OZ Arcade Restorations LLC


Introducing “The Wizard” Custom Dart Cabinet


Designed and built in the heart of the Midwest. Highest quality dart cabinet in the USA. Each cabinet is built extremely well using high grade components. We noticed when designing this sleek cabinet that there wasn’t much of an option for a classy dart cabinet on the market. We have spent many long hours drafting and designing this perfect center piece. Our goal was to create the best cabinet on the market using the highest quality grade materials. I think you will agree once this arrives that it will not disappoint.

The Wizard Wall Mount (Deluxe) Dartboard will look attractive in any room setting. This will be the center piece in your game room or man cave. The cabinet design was made to hang directly on the wall. The wall mount will be the center of attention for all guests.


We have created this cabinet for a very simple installation. We include a mounting stand with every wall mount purchase. The stand is pre-set to ensure the bull height is regulation after cabinet has been mounted.  Customers will be up and playing within 10 minutes by following the detailed instructions (provided)

Mounting the cabinet is four very simple steps:

Locate (2) studs in the wall (draw a line/ left stud)

Measure over from stud line 5″ to the left (draw/ line)

Place cabinet on the stand and line up left side cabinet to far left line

Shoot two screws (provided) into pre- drilled cabinet hole locations

Hang the Gran Board 3 onto the pre-set screws. Plug the (supplied) micro/USB into the Gran Board 3.  Start playing!


Build your own board with optional features

Use the following options to add a dart head, device to mirror the monitor, lighting color, and more.

Once your customized cabinet is completed, we will send a full detailed video via our YouTube channel to view your new custom dart board. Every cabinet is built with pride. Quality is built into every Wizard Darts cabinet.

Check out our newest feature we call – “Simplicity” –  This network feature eliminates the use of a tablet or phone device. Perfect for customers that want to turn on the cabinet and start playing. Makes using the Gran Board very easy. Two different options are available – The first option offers the network box which is all installed by Land Of Oz. The 2nd option includes a full 1080p camera for online playing. We pre-wire for a very quick set-up.


Features Included In Base Price

  • USB micro cable (board fires up when monitor is powered on) installed
  • Full 24″ HDMI Monitor
  • Custom LED lighting front/ rear (choose the color using drop downs) Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, White
  • Fully lighted marquee header
  • Plexiglass installed to protect the monitor
  • Mounting Stand
  • Cabinet is made with sturdy 3/4″ material
  • Dimensions: 43.5″ H x 14″ L x 25″ W
  • Weight 68lbs

Base cabinet price $795.00


This product comes with a full 12-month warranty on all electronics (Lighting, Monitor) and a (3) month warranty on dart heads.

We offer the following add on options

  • Choice of Gran Board 3 (pro) dart head or Gran Board dash series
  • Lightning adapter (mirror to monitor) iOS
  • Google chromecast (mirror to monitor) Android
  • Custom marquee
  • Add rear lighting color
  • HUE smart lighting
  • Tablet or Phone wall mount
  • Device options
  • Simplicity Network
  • LED mat
  • Laser line
  • Blue tooth 24″ speaker
  • LED cabinet lighting controller


We offer “free” crate shipping through Fastenal. They have over 5,000 retail locations across the country. Fastenal will ship store to store. The crate once loaded with product is over 150lbs. Please see our “shipping” page which explains the easy process and how well we package products. We utilize Fastenal shipping to most USA locations and once your board is complete, we will ship to the nearest Fastenal location. Contact us via phone or e-mail regarding questions.

The crate and shipping is a $200.00 value


Very simple process. Pick the items you would like to create your custom dart board. Order from our secure website. Your order will be processed and built within 5 business days. 7-10 days if custom marquee is chosen. We will contact you to send a full video of your custom board. Mounting instructions will be sent via e-mail.


Additional information

Weight 82 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 30 × 48 in