Wizard Wall Mount (Elite) Series- Package #1 – Free Shipping! Click on picture to see the options in this package


Cabinet Color

Please choose the cabinet color. We also offer cabinets in cherry, mahogony and clear stain for an upgrade.

Dart Head

Gran Board 3 (pro) best home dart head on the market. Featuring the LED ring.

Gran Board Dash – Little brother of the Gran 3. Solid construction and plays extremely well.

LED lighting color

White is installed at the top for a nice cast over the dart head (included in cabinet price)
Pick your lighting color for the (2) sides if you prefer.

LED “Rear Facing” lighting color options

Add a rear lighting color for a very nice 3D affect. Perfect finishing touch on your Wizard Elite.

Simplicity Network

Our newest feature to the Wizard cabinet line. In our opinion the best way to play darts on the Gran Board. The network is built directly into the cabinet by our Land Of OZ techs.
What this means: No mirroring required. Stay connected and trouble free. Simply turn on the monitor and start playing.

If you enjoy playing online, choose the Total Simplicity network which includes a 1080p camera (wired and installed)

Device (Tablets) & (Screen Mirroring)

We offer the best pricing around on devices. We have tested hundreds of models and found these to work excellent while navigating the Gran app. They also stream the best when mirroring to the monitor.

Our newest feature to the Land Of OZ Wizard dart line is “Simplicity Network”
Extremely fast connection. All hardware is built directly into the cabinet design. Extremely easy to use (turn on the monitor and start playing)

Total Simplicity features the 1080p Camera for online playing. We install into the cabinet for ease of use and links directly to the network installed.

If using your own device, we will pre-wire for the mirroring option. Please select either iOS or Android. The iOS capability will include a lightning adapter.

Device Wall Holders

Excellent addition to house your tablet or phone. This creates a very clean appearance and set up.

Lasers/ Throw Lines

LED mat corresponds with the Gran 3 LED ring. The runway LEDs change the same color as the Gran Board 3. This mat also has a built in toe line.

Laser throw line – These are excellent and mounted directly to the bottom of each cabinet. Little less expensive than the mat, however, does a very nice job placing a throw line on carpet or hardwood flooring.

Darts & Tips

Land Of OZ is a VIPER darts supplier. We carry many styles of darts and tips. Please check our darts and accessories to include on the order. We highly recommend “Cosmo Tips” as they perform very well in the Gran Board Dart Heads,



Welcome the “Wizard Elite” Dart Cabinet 

Welcoming our newest design, the “Elite” series. Built with the same quality as our Wizard “Legacy” wall mount and full size stand ups. This cabinet is very well constructed and fits very nice in any game room/ man cave. We created this in mind of a little less expensive model to give everyone a chance to own one of our beautiful cabinets. Every cabinet is CNC cut for a +/- .020 tolerance. The cabinets come in black or white. We also offer a beautiful cherry stain, mahogany stain or clear coated pine.

Just like the other Wizard models there are options to stay within your budget. Please check the gallery images for a glimpse of this amazing dart cabinet. We offer (3) packages which will make ordering very easy. Simply click on the picture of the preferred package and ensure this has all the features you want. Use the “add on” items to select additional items you would like installed.

As with all of our Wizard cabinets, we take quality very serious. The Land Of OZ team will build each cabinet as if were their own. We perform extensive testing on every Wizard cabinet.

Installation is a breeze with our included mounting stand. Will keep the dart head at regulation height. We include full set up instructions and custom video of the completed cabinet.

Package Includes 

Exclusive (Elite) cabinet (Choose color option)

LED front LED lighting. (select) the color choice

24″ HDMI Monitor

Integrated switching power supplies

Mounting stand

Custom video of the completed cabinet


Add On Items

Gran Board 3 (pro) dart head

Blue Tooth Audio

Rear LED cabinet lighting

Attract LED lighting

Simplicity Network

Total Simplicity Network

Blue Tooth Audio

Laser Throw Line


Solid cabinet construction

Land Of OZ quality construction

Weight 68lbs

Dimensions 24.75″ W x 42. 65″  H x 3.5″ L

Mounting Stand for an easy installation



Land Of OZ offers free shipping on all cabinets.



Land Of OZ includes a 12 month warranty on all electronics.


Additional information

Weight 68 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 28 × 46 in